Friday, February 10, 2012

Providing Great Customer Service in the Public Sector

Let us tell you how we developed an extraordinary customer service program for the public sector.

Over several years, we noticed that the usual customer service class has a heavy slant toward the private sector. It misses the fact that public sector employees are dealing with customers who are, at least indirectly, their bosses and that there are rules governing the public sector that simply don't apply to its private sector equivalents. A big example: Few private sector firms tell their employees that they can, in certain circumstances, handcuff, subdue, and perhaps even shoot their customers!

We also noticed that some of the greatest public sector customer service problems arise not with external customers, but with internal ones. We knew our program would have to show how to spot and overcome the turf issues, values differences, and mixed signals that can spark such problems.

The result is a fast-paced (3 1/2 hours), thought-provoking workshop that addresses the macro (which goals and values may inadvertently harm customer service?) and the micro (how do you handle a tough customer?) with practical guidance that is easy to understand and which can be put to immediate use. Class participants learn how to set the environment for extraordinary customer service along with specific steps to turn customers into allies and not adversaries. They get techniques on how to defuse sensitive situations and expedite service. They learn when and how to set boundaries.

This important program can be brought to your workplace. For details, e-mail Michael Wade at or call (800) 788-7753.