Thursday, September 6, 2012

Ask Affirmative Action Consultants for Success Record

When shopping for an Affirmative Action consultant one piece of key information you should be seeking is the success record of the work passing OFCCP compliance reviews? No business has ever asked for our success record; usually cost is all they are interested in. However, attorneys refer clients to us because of our success record. The quality of an AAP and the associated consulting can be best measured by the success rate of passing an audit. A client referred to us some years ago had an applicant analysis prepared by another company in which the data showed selections in a job group and no corresponding applicants in the job group. This is pretty basic yet easy to overlook. A valuable consultant will identify every nook and cranny legally available in the process. I find the red flags and give clients options for addressing these areas of concern. Next time you’re shopping for AAP consultants ask the “other question” and see what you get.  My record at getting clients through a compliance review without any conciliation agreements…100%. See if you can beat that record when you’re shopping.
You can reach Lou Rodarte at or 602 788 1717.

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  1. So consulting firms also need success records from future clients too. I've always thought companies were the ones who choose consultants, turns out they choose each other to make every process successful in business.