Wednesday, June 19, 2013

EEO/AA Management is Sound Management

Simply put, Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action programs need active and energetic management. If left untended, organizations can become a jungle where indifference, inflated job descriptions, questionable standards, sloppy screening, missed hiring opportunities, outright or subtle discrimination, hostile work environments, and quotas are tolerated or ignored. 

And any of those can attract the 500 pound gorilla of litigation.

We've found that the best EEO/AA programs neatly mesh with sound human resources practices and high ethical standards. They don't stand apart as requirements that require occasional attention but instead blend in with daily management and supervisory behavior. This not only reduces resistance to such programs, it benefits the entire organization because EEO and Affirmative Action - if handled properly - are important tools for finding, keeping, and developing talent.

Questionable EEO/AA programs fail to enlist the active participation and support of the entire team. Just as the best quality management programs reach every corner of the organization, the best EEO/AA programs demonstrate how everyone has a role that goes far beyond preventing discrimination. 

In short, EEO/AA management is a major component of talent management. It not only prevents problems, it creates positive contributions to the organization's success by ensuring that employees work and strive in an environment where the only discrimination is on the basis of merit.

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