Monday, June 17, 2013

Strategies for Unhappiness

Consider how many of the following strategies may have slipped into your own approach to life:

  • Don't appreciate your achievements. Instead, regard them as things that anyone could do or which somehow occurred through no serious effort of your own.
  • Keep raising the bar for satisfaction instead of celebrating when goals are achieved. 
  • Chastise yourself for not being perfect.
  • Compare yourself to others and believe that other people are much happier, more self-confident, and have fewer problems.
  • Expect others to behave and think as you would behave and think.
  • Expect others to know when you are upset. Regard their failure to notice as a sign that they are insensitive and uncaring.
  • Link your success to achieving a particular job title or income level.
  • Periodically re-open old wounds.
  • Always be on the alert for any insults or slights.
  • Give greater weight to criticism than to praise.
  • Expect others to be angels and then condemn them when they fall short.
  • Believe that anyone who has more took it from someone else.
  • Worry about your failure to control things that are beyond your ability to control.
  • Worry about things that are unlikely to happen.
  • Always be wary of being hustled.
  • Focus on getting others to understand you instead of first understanding others.
  • Be harder on yourself that you would be on similarly situated others.
  • Associate with people who have similar negative habits so you can reinforce one another's feelings.
  • Tell yourself every day that you are an impostor who talks a good game but who really doesn't deserve to be in your job.
  • Keep careful score on who gets what.
  • Expect the world to be fair and always define fairness as you getting more rather than you getting less.
  • Cultivate an attitude of entitlement.
  • Define wants as needs and have plenty of wants.
  • Seldom show gratitude.

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