AAP Preparation/Support

Why should you use Sanders Wade Rodarte Consulting?

We are specialists in AAPs. Bottom line: We prepare AAPs to successfully get through the audit/compliance reviews. Our 15 plus years of experience give you the best chance to get through an OFCCP audit with the least amount of headaches.

Our carefully crafted AAPs take advantage of the contractor's opportunities written in the regulations. For example, we know that the preparation of job groups is up to the contractor and that, in itself, gives the contractor a lot of lee way. We also know that the job groups shape the goals and especially affect the applicant/hire analysis, so we carefully prepare job groups with the end product in mind. Also, like the job groups, the availability analysis impacts the goals so we prepare it just as meticulously to give you the best advantage. We could go on and on about preparing AAPs, and we’d like to, but the point is we pay close attention to the details.  
If you’ve been notified of an audit and want some assistance or just want to make sure you have the best team behind you give us a call us today. We love to talk about AAPs, so call us even if you just have a few questions and we'll brainstorm a bit at no charge. You can reach us at 602 788 1717 or email at lou@swrci.com.

About us and our clients:
We are located in the Southwest.  Our clients are large and small and they have direct contracts and subcontracts with the government.  Our clients are in such areas as space technology, health care,  recreation, food manufacturing, utility companies, and airplane parts manufacturing.    

We've been preparing AAPs and handling Compliance Reviews for more than 15 years. We’ve often prepared AAPs for new clients who have just been notified of an audit. We can prepare your AAP and audit materials for you and you can handle the audit or we’ll handle it for you.

We can prepare the entire AAP(s) or just some sections of the AAP(s).
  • Narrative for Minorities and Women (11246)
  • Narrative for Disabled and Veterans
  • Workforce Analysis, Job Group Analysis, Availability Analysis, Incumbency vs. Availability, Goals
  • Applicant/Selection Analysis
  • Compensation Analysis
  • Company Policy Statement

We provide coaching and strategic advice.
  • AAP Implementation
  • AAP Review
  • Applicant Coding and Tracking
  • Individual Coaching for AAP (new) Responsibilities
  • Officer Presentations
  • AAP Training
  • EEO Training
  • Preventing Harassment Training