The greatest baseball players have batting coaches and the finest opera tenors have voice coaches so it is not surprising that executives, managers, supervisors and employees find that a management coach can make an enormous difference in their performance.

We coach in a discreet and thoroughly professional manner. Most of our sessions are conducted at the Sanders Wade Rodarte offices. Some are done at the client’s location. Some are done via telephone or e-mail.

Examples of coaching situations include:

·         The executive who wants to improve her chances for promotion.
·         The manager who is having disputes with associates.
·         The supervisor whose comments and behavior are creating equal opportunity problems.
·         The employee who has difficulty working with other members of the team.
·         The manager who needs help setting priorities.
·         The executive with an abrasive leadership style.
·         The associate who is too unassertive.
·         The supervisor who is challenged by former peers.
·         The employee whose “friendliness” is perceived as harassment.
·         The technically proficient manager who needs better people skills.
·         The director who has difficulty balancing work and family.
We can assist in these and other situations. Some matters require only one coaching session. Others require a series of sessions. The advantage, however, is unmistakable. Coaching boosts performance more quickly than training and it can transform an average performer into a reliable achiever.
Coaching permits the client to get direct and timely assistance in a clear, solution-oriented manner. For additional information, e-mail or call us at 602 788 1717.