EEO Training and Investigations

Equal Employment Opportunity Training
EEO training can be taught in a four or seven hour format, examines a wide range of EEO issues; issues that would require days of training if handled separately. EEO and affirmative action, harassment, disability discrimination, age discrimination, investigations, negligent hiring and religious accommodation are among the subjects addressed in a lively format. This class is especially helpful to supervisors and managers.

Equal Employment Opportunity Investigations
The results of our EEO investigations may surprise you. Along with a thorough, impartial investigation we often are able to provide a management improvement plan.  Investigating complaints often uncovers issues in team relationships and management styles.  In our business we teach and coach leadership and facilitate team building so with that practice we are able to observe and report on these dimensions in addition to completing the investigation. There is no additional charge for this additional service.
EEO investigations are complex and delicate. From our experience we know an investigation can disrupt the workforce and undermine productivity so we work to minimize the disruption to your business. As far as we’re concerned you’re not hiring us just to do an investigation but to help you restore the workplace to a productive environment.
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