Saturday, January 15, 2011

Quick Overview

To help you obtain a quick overview of what we do and don’t do, here’s a quick guide:

Accounting audits: DON’T - ADA training: DO - Adverse impact analysis: DO - Affirmative Action Plans: DO - Applicant tracking procedures: DO - Coaching: DO - Change management: DO - Classification studies: DON’T – Council and Board Presentations: DO - Customer service training: DO - Dealing with difficult people training: DO - Diversity training: DO - EEO audits: DO - EEO investigations: DO - Employee handbooks: DO - Ethics training: DO - Executive coaching: DO - Harassment prevention training: DO - Interview skills training: DO - Labor relations: DON’T - Leadership coaching: DO - Leadership training: DO - Management and supervisory coaching: DO - Management studies: DO - Management and supervisory training: DO - Motivational speaking: DON’T - OFCCP Compliance: DO - Presentation skills training: DO – Records Management: DON’T - Six Sigma training: DON’T - Staff recruitment: DON’T – Supportive Associates training: DO - Team building: DO - TQM training: DON’T - Union avoidance: DON’T – Wellness Programs: DON’T – Workshops: DO .

In a nutshell we advise employers and individuals on:

Leadership, Ethics, and EEO/Affirmative Action.

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