OFCCP Compliance

Will your organization have its Affirmative Action Plan ready for a federal contract compliance audit only to learn that the auditors are more interested in your applicant tracking analysis?

One of the surprising aspects of Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) audits in recent years is the extent to which, unlike the “old days” when the focus was on strict compliance with Affirmative Action regulations, the government auditors are instead searching for illegal discrimination. In short, their attention has shifted from Affirmative Action to Equal Employment Opportunity and they quickly move from your company’s front porch to its back bedrooms.

Our firm prepares Affirmative Action Plans but we also assist employers in their Applicant Tracking Analysis. This gives your Human Resources professionals the ability to spot problems early on, before discrimination cases are triggered or the government auditors come a-calling.

If you believe this ounce of prevention might indeed be worth a pound of cure, we will be glad to provide additional information on our services.