Sanders Wade Rodarte partner Michael Wade has two new paperback books that are now available at They are also available for the Kindle.

How to Make Presentations to Councils and Boards

A short, information-packed guide that will help you through the preparation and presentation stages of your talk before the council or board; a combination of Big Picture and nitty-gritty advice, with details on how to handle hostile questions, use visual aids, reduce your fear, clarify your message, and keep on track. It is truly the guide to read when you don't have time to read a guide.

And just out:  

All I Said Was...What Every Supervisor, Employee, and Team Should Know to Avoid Insults, Lawsuits, and the Six O'Clock News

It takes little imagination to think of how easily a single thoughtless, stupid or cruel remark can cause enormous damage to a person's career dreams and professional standing. All I Said Was ... is an experienced navigator's advice on how to avoid the rocks and shallows of a workplace that is increasingly diverse and confrontational. Its practical approach can be used by individuals and employers to prevent harassment, avoid public relations disasters, and foster trust.

Several other books are also in the pipeline, including one on how to manage EEO/Affirmative Action/Diversity Management programs.